ID Verification

Organizations are growing to understand that in the employment process that they are not checking and confirming any identity to begin with, or they may check the ID records of a fake individual.

Individual check is designed at Vleader in a way to guarantee that identity related documents like Aadhaar, PAN, driving permit or international ID are not fashioned, doctored or stolen.

It is a straightforward, powerful and robotized strategy to check change and distortion of individual points of identity of a person. It is very tough to distinguish a faker before they enter the system and cause untold mischief to the association. The essential risk lies in screening a wrong individual.

Essential is to understand that businesses must contract people are who they claim to be.

Document mentioned are the sorts of checks under ID Verification Process of Vleader:

  • Aadhaar Verification
  • Passport Verification
  • PAN Verification
  • Voter ID Verification
  • Driving License Verification