Employee Background Check

Advantages of pre-employment background screening and of implementing record verification all through candidate’s experience tenure can’t be done on the basis of information only. Threats of contracting and on-boarding workers with fudged instruction authentications, altered compensation slips are plainly obvious. Perils increment exponentially when dangers are additionally about on-boarding representatives who enjoy substance manhandle or have a criminal history, or fall in awful books of team.

Employees can be screened pre-enlist, pre-offer, pre-joining, post-offer or post-joining. Specialists of the business vouch that outsourcing these procedures to implement such kinds of check organizations is a more secure and securer method for guaranteeing that the workforce you contract is trust commendable, is agreeable and does not accompany any legitimate, criminal or fear based oppressor history or connections.

Vleader Group is one of the main personal investigation organizations in India. Our top to bottom information of the implementing screening process and wide reach crosswise over industry segments makes Vleader your best accomplice for representative record verification. With spotlight on advancement, Vleader capacities on a brilliant innovation solutions which makes the end-to-end process fool proof and without breach of confidential information.

Employee Background Verification Services involves the accompanying checks.

  • Pre-Employment Verification
  • Post Employment Verification
  • Professional Reference Check
  • Personal Reference Check
  • Education Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Criminal Verification
  • Court Record Check
  • Credit History Check (CIBIL Verification)
  • GAP Verification
  • Indian Database Check
  • Global Database Check
  • National Identity Proof Check
  • CV Validation